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Three Reasons To Get A Disc Workplace Assessment For Yourself

There are many times that it can be valuable to arrange to have DiSC workplace assessments performed. For example, if you're the owner of a company, you may see the value in arranging these assessments for your executive leadership team so that you're better informed about these key players' strengths. However, there are many other times that DiSC assessments can be valuable, including arranging to have one done on yourself. Whether you're happy in your job, unhappy in your job, or even temporarily unemployed, going through the DiSC assessment process can be valuable. Here are some reasons to get this assessment done.

You'll Better Understand How You Work

Your DiSC assessment is valuable for painting a picture of how you like to work. Perhaps you've often felt as though you're in the wrong career or working in the wrong role; this could be because the roles that you've held haven't been in alignment with your strengths as an employee. For example, your DiSC assessment could indicate that you work best when you're in a cooperative environment. However, if you've always had roles in which you spend the bulk of your workday by yourself, you're not getting a chance to be in an environment in which you'd thrive.

You'll Learn Your Ideal Roles

Through having a DiSC assessment performed, some people can learn whether they're better as a manager or as an employee. It's possible that you've worked in a capacity that didn't suit your traits, and this may have led to struggles. For example, if you're someone who doesn't favor making decisions and is often afraid to do so, a management position might not be best for you — even if it seems tempting because of the higher paycheck. Knowing this information, you can proceed accordingly. For example, you might avoid applying for certain types of jobs for which you might have previously applied.

You'll Be A Better Asset To Your Employer

Whether you remain in your current job or switch careers after you go through the DiSC assessment process, you can count on being more of an asset at work. Those who have had a DiSC assessment performed are acutely aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and this information can compel them to act in certain ways that benefit their employers. For example, if your profile reveals that you're highly proficient in managing deadlines, you can claim projects that have a tight turnout time. Since many fellow employees may avoid such tasks, you'll demonstrate your strengths to your employer.

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Three Reasons To Get A Disc Workplace Assessment For Yourself

There are many times that it can be valuable to arrange to have DiSC workplace assessments performed. For example, …