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Ways To Prepare For A Temp Worker's First Day At Your Office

Interviewing and hiring a temp worker to fill a position at your place of work makes you feel confident that your workforce will soon get a shot in the arm. However, you want to ensure that this new member of your team hits the ground running, so it's important to give careful consideration to how you'll manage things when this person shows up for his or her first day. Many managers can be so busy running their businesses that they don't adequately prepare for the arrival of their temp worker, which can lead to stress and wasted time. Here are some ways that you can successfully prepare.

Pick The Right Start Date

Give careful consideration to your temp worker's start date. Your automatic instinct might be to have him or her start the following Monday after the contract is finalized, but this isn't always the best option. Different businesses have different situations on each day of the week, and if Monday is a busy day filled with deadlines, for example, it's unlikely that someone will be able to spend enough time with the temp to make him or her an immediate asset. In such a situation, it can be better for the temp to begin work on a quieter day.

Have A Workspace Ready

It might sound simple, but many managers overlook the necessity of having a workspace set up in advance of the arrival of their temp workers. This could include setting up a desk, computer, and a phone line somewhere in your office, or you may plan to have your temp take over the office or cubicle of someone on leave. If this is the case, have someone arrange this area so that the temp feels welcome — this could include setting aside personal effects from the person on leave, cleaning the area, and more.

Delegate Someone For Training

One of the most important ways to prepare for the arrival of a temp worker is to have someone ready to supply whatever training is needed. You don't want the temp's first day or even first couple days to be wasted, so having someone budget the necessary time to spend the morning or perhaps even the entire day with the temp getting him or her up to speed. This could be your responsibility, depending on your role within the company, but you could also delegate this task to someone who will do a good job.

Reach out to local employer job placement solutions services for more help.

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